The Establishment for Human Care and Development - MASRRAT-01

The Establishment for Human Care and Development – MASRRAT

Syria - Turkey

About The Establishment for Human Care and Development - MASRRAT

MASRRAT is a civil society that works on effective contribution to sustainable processes of social and economic development through implementing programs that uplift marginalized segments to overcome financial, social, educational, and intellectual poverty level in the community.
 Our Objectives
– Preserving human values in community and contributing to improving them.
– Raising the intellectual, scientific and living standards of society.
– Supporting the most vulnerable segments of the community and empowering them through building necessary skills for the development of both individual and         community scales.
– Activating the role of civil society organizations in order to reoccupy their role in community accountability.
– Working to achieve sustainable rural development of agriculture.


A leading humanitarian and developmental organization that seeks to achieve effective impacts in the community to become a developed renaissance community.


MASRRAT worked to provide solutions for crisis management in stricken communities by using professional methods and providing our services to the marginalized and poor groups without distinction between race, religion or gender.


 المؤسسة بشكل أساسي تعمل على قضايا التنمية الانسانية والريفية ولكن يتم تقديم الخدمات الاغاثية في حالات الطوارئ وفق الاحتياجات التي لدي المتضررين