Syrian Expatiate Medical Association

Syrian Expatiate Medical Association SEMA

Emek Mahallesi. 19019 Nolu Sokak. No:12 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep

About Syrian Expatiate Medical Association SEMA

The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA) is humanitarian, medical relief, non-profit, national organization; it has no association with political systems, parties, or ideologies. All its humanitarian relief work shall be provided to all without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sect, denomination, or language

The start of Sima in response to the increase in the number of wounded significantly, which foreshadowed a dangerous future, a group of Syrian loyalists of doctors and health professionals, and expatriates in various countries of the Diaspora around the world, in response to their section to alleviate the suffering of the wounded, and decided to establish this humanitarian relief body (The Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates – SIMA), which was launched in mid-2011 and then obtained official recognition, licensing and registration in several EU countries such as France, Britain, and Italy, as well as in Turkey. Countries of the world.


A humanitarian, health, relief, and development organization recognized by international organizations working in this context, through pilot projects in humanitarian relief work.


Apply the principle of leadership in the care of humanitarian relief work in its areas of work, by specialized cadres.


Surgical Hospitals

The Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) has been the most prominent supporter –  on the Syrian ground – of field and specialized hospitals that provide secondary health care services. SEMA also supports various types of secondary health care facilities, including trauma and surgery hospitals, maternity and pediatrics hospitals, as well as public hospitals.

Primary Health Care

SEMA supports a wide network of primary health care facilities in north of Syria, applying the essential package of primary health care services, which covers the areas of: reproductive health, pediatrics, mental health and psychosocial support, communicable and non-communicable diseases, nutrition and vaccines.

Protection and Psycho-Social Support (PSS)

Within its relentless efforts to serve the people in Syria and given the critical role of Protection in all humanitarian interventions that are conducted around the world, the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association started its Protection program that aimed at ensuring the mainstream of the Protection principles in the health centers. Through this program, SEMA works on enhancing the effectiveness and the quality of the provided services and also guarantee that the key Protection principles are applied in terms of dignity, safety and secure accessibility.