Syria Relief

UK, Turkey, Jordan, KRI

About your organization and its objectives

“Syria Relief was established in 2011 in response to the crisis in Syria. Appalled by the disaster rapidly unfolding in Syria, a group of Syrian expats in the UK came together at the very start of the crisis and decided to act to provide emergency humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the conflict. by 2022, Syria Relief will be:
1. Recognised as a leading humanitarian and development agency for Syria, particularly among diaspora and local NGOs,
2. Operating in new geographic areas and has the capacity to help alleviate suffering within vulnerable communities affected by crisis, or those within fragile states and effected by shocks.
3. A humanitarian agency who provides assistance based on need, and is at all times Neutral, Impartial and Independent. And,
4. Syria Relief will continue to build on the strengths and achievements made within the areas of Health and Education, whilst also contributing to a number of other SDGs including WASH, Protection and Poverty Reduction.”


To be a leading charity in providing humanitarian assistance for local communities, IDPs and refugees in fragile and/or crisis-affected areas worldwide.


“To empower and provide relief to the most vulnerable communities, refugees and IDPs from fragile and/or crisis-affected areas, through development and humanitarian action. Our intervention is strengthened by our partnerships, guided by our values, and governed by the Humanitarian Principles (humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence) using innovative methodologies, tools and projects.”


Development – To date, much of Syria Relief’s focus has been centred around the provision of life saving assistance to Syrian IDPs, affected communities or refugees. Moving into medium- and longer-term recovery, Syria Relief will focus on sustainable development and community empowerment; which includes (re)construction of shelter and schools, WASH, protection, healthcare and livelihood support. Education – Syria Relief believes that education and vocation are core components of breaking the cycle of poverty. The organisation believes it is imperative that post-war Syria is not crippled by a generation of children and youth without any formal education or skills. Syria Relief will continue to build on the expertise and progress made to date in Education whilst continuing to focus on Quality, Access and Safety. Vocational training for youth and adults will take an important role in programming and will be incorporated into the project design where-ever possible. Women and Children – We are dedicated to protecting vulnerable people such as women, children, the elderly and the people with disabilities through our relief and development services. We believe that everyone should live with dignity and have opportunities which can lead to greater equality and prosperity. Emergency Response – We deliver immediate humanitarian relief and work with partners to provide critical support to survivors of the Syrian conflict and beyond, in some of the most hard-to-reach areas and communities.