Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association

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About Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association

A non-profit humanitarian organization registered in Turkey, founded in early 2013 to provide aid to those who are in need.


To be the pioneering institution through providing assistance to the Syrian people in the humanitarian and development fields based on our civilized vision and our inherent human values.


To promote the concept of charitable work by building an effective modern institution that works to meet the humanitarian needs to contribute effectively in rebuilding and strengthening the affected societies.


Map of offices and branches

Ataa Association has 10 field offices (nine offices are distributed in northern Syria, three offices are distributed in Turkey). It coordinates with local councils in northern Syria, and with the United States provides humanitarian services. Communications Commission and its Sciences Some services for investment and livestock service. It cooperates with many other services as it cooperates and cooperates with it, and the staffs are formed in the fields of education and empowerment and its related services, and the staffs are made up in the fields of education, empowerment, health care, and related trips. Coordination and implementation of projects and plans of the association. The work of the Ataa Association for Humanitarian Relief is expanding geographically, and the Ataa Association directs in northern Syria and Turkey where the need to help needy groups, especially children and women, who are in difficult situations, and deprived local areas in general. The General Assembly discussed in the two fields, the space of the regions, and continued and its projects in the regions in which the bulletins, publishing, publishing, and Arabic are operating