Lawyers & Doctors for Human Rights

Syria - Turkey

About Lawyers & Doctors for Human Rights

A civil society non-governmental organization that supports civilians during their crisis and dedicates time and energy to providing assistance in an effort to stop human rights violations and to help those who need to obtain the services needed to rehabilitate them to be active members of society.
We grew out of a bud of lawyers and doctors who had dedicated their efforts to document the atrocities taking place in Syria against detainees according to international standards, to mature later, and become an active member in more areas, including establishing committees to evaluate and make recommendations under the supervision of international experts and to gather bodies concerned to coordinate and cooperate together to reach justice and enrich the spirit of society with the sacred values ​​of humanity.
LDHR is growing rapidly and expanding its activities while gaining more knowledge and experience.


In order to have a strong case, the notary doctor must take the medical history of the survivor, listen to his story and what he was exposed to during detention, then conduct a physical examination and psychological evaluation, and end with the development of the necessary treatment plan. All from obtaining the informed consent of the survivor, to the conclusion according to his medical experience, which requires him to have sufficient legal knowledge, and to think of the judge’s mentality to formulate all his information as legal evidence.


On the other hand, lawyers and judges must possess minimum knowledge of medical and forensic terms to be able to understand the context during the medical documentation process and the way to reach final conclusions, and to be able to use that evidence in accountability and accountability as a pivotal part of achieving justice.


Documenting human rights violations (sexual violence – torture) – Documenting forcibly disappeared persons – Primary Future Network – Raising awareness of human rights issues, gender and stigma.