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About Humanitarian Relief Association

IYD is a Syrian, non-governmental, non-profit and non-political association working in various fields of humanitarian relief, development, and health. IYD was established early 2013 in Turkey, so that, it has become by the end of 2016 spread out over different areas in both Syria and Turkey.
IYD obtained its license in 2014, license No. (34-203/022) and it has been working according to Turkish Organizations Law No. /5253/ under the name: ULUSLARARASI INSANI YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEĞI


To make the Syrian society a productive and efficient society, as well as ensuring a decent life of War-Affected persons in Syria.



Providing the best humanitarian, developmental, and healthy services which meet the needs of our people and preserve their dignity, in addition to raise the capacities of Syrian civil society.



• Initiative: Courage, Hard-work, and Responsibility
• Proficiency: efficiency seeks mastering
• Abundance: success is achieved through sharing with everyone
• Welfare for people all.