Human Aid and development (HAND)


About Human Aid and development (HAND)

HAND is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Lebanon. With a focus on supporting displaced children, HAND has the ability and capacity to coordinate activities in remote areas. Since 2012, HAND has reached thousands of children across Lebanon, providing comprehensive support in a range of sectors. With a specialized team, HAND has brought together an impressive group of professionals, all with unique skills that amplify HAND’s projects and programs. Operating under the banner “Children are our Future,” HAND designs programs to strengthen youth in order to attain a more fulfilling future. HAND believes children are the key to gaining a just, rightful, and more progressive future.


The rights of children are secured and are fueled towards building a more inspiring and prosperous future.


HAND strives to protect, educate, and strengthen children’s and their family’s ability to attain a decent life in war-affected areas within the Middle East.


With a staff ingrained in the community, the HAND team has an intrinsic understanding of the target needs of the community. Through regular community consultations and program specialists, HAND designs project aimed to ignite an impact and create lasting change. Each of HAND’s programs is consistently mended and enhanced to fit the most urgent priorities, thus gaining community support.