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About us

“Baytna Syria was established in 2013 with generous support by Denmark. It was established for the purpose of strengthening the capacity of civil society to act as a force for democratic change, inclusive peace and stability, to support transitional justice, and to promote respect for human rights and civil liberties using different tools and approaches including advocacy, lobbying and policy making.
It was founded by Syrian prominent figures that have all contributed to managing the transition of Baytna Syria from a project to an independent Syrian-led civil society organization.


An active Syrian civil society that fosters knowledge development; promotes active citizenship; practices democracy; defends, preserves, and channels citizens’ rights and interests; and develops a common set of values for all.


“We are a non-profit/non-governmental Syrian organization that works to empower Syrian civil society to achieve democratic transition by:
▪ Establishing neutral spaces for Syrian civil society actors and facilitating collaboration among Syrian, regional, and international CSOs;
▪ Disseminating knowledge about and deepening concepts and frameworks of a diverse and inclusive civil society;
▪ Awarding grants to implement civil society approaches and strengthen the legitimacy of civic action;
▪ Promoting transparency and accountability within civil society;
▪ Advocating for the causes, rights, and freedoms of the Syrian people locally and internationally.”


“Baytna-Syria will focus particularly on the development of its capacity development function and advocacy work. With regard to the former, Baytna-Syria will focus on addressing four key areas as identified through its research within this constituency:

▪ Providing services and support for Syrian civil society to meet and engage physically and/or virtually

▪ Building capacities of civil society actors through high-quality trainings (classroom and e-learning modules)

▪ Making grants to Syrian civil society actors in an accountable and transparent way

▪ Advocating for the rights and demands of the Syrian people nationally and internationally”