Basamat for Development

Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Canada.

About Basamat for Development (BFD)

Basamat for Development (BFD) is an independent Syrian civil-society organization was founded in Lebanon in March 2014 with a registration number (6400/2017), by a group of Syrian civil-society activists & volunteers, working on-the-ground with Syrian refugees. Basamat is also registered in Canada (Canada Business Number: 968238-4) & the Province of Quebec (NEQ: 1171725972); in Turkey/Istanbul (34-237-043); and has a legal status in Gothenburg, Sweden (4, 415 05).


A Syrian society in which everyone has the right to learn and the ability to lead change and influence the decision-making process.


BFD believes in the revolutionary role of women and youth as a key ingredient in building the liberated Syrian society, and we believe that education and community participation are fundamental rights to changing children’s lives ethically and practically during and after crises. To that end, we support community’s members, leaders, and our team to design and implement innovative education and empowerment programs that have a sustainable developmental impact on our people.


Contribute to reducing the number of Syrian students who drop out of formal school education and improving the quality of education provided.

Enhancing the ability of the local community to access decision-making places, lead change and influence political and civic decisions.

Deepening relations with partners and allies and reaching new strategic partnerships

Improving the quality of services provided internationally and their accreditation by academies and organizations with official recognition locally and internationally