Kareemat organization


About KAREEMAT organization

KAREEMAT is a non-profit, non-political, humanitarian, social organization whose idea began in
2013 and was officially opened in 2014 under license number

It works to help women and children affected by war and income conflicts through
The way of teaching her a craft that protects her from want and need achieves her self-sufficiency and raises her health awareness
intellectually and legally.


Achieving equality for women in all their rights, and thus access to a society that believes in peace and justice, equal access to services for all members of society, and a life of dignity


Contribute to empowering societies by strengthening the role of women, building their capabilities, achieving protection in accordance with human rights principles, creating an educational environment to confront the conditions of war, fighting violence and injustice, and respecting the rights of the individual in society.


Development, Peacebuilding, and Capacity Building