Jana watan

Syria - Turkey - Lebanon

About us

Jana Watan organization supplying white hands to the needy and put a smile on their faces and extend bridges of love and brotherhood and friendship between the needy to be with them in their suffering. Jana Watan with its autonomy and independency aims to address all the needs of people it is people. Jana Watan aims to achieve the humanitarian mission to protect human life and ensure respect for humanity and alleviate their suffering, in coordination and cooperation with the institutions and humanitarian relief.
Jana Watan began their work within Syria in Qalamoun in 2014 and Still active to include all needy people within its circle in all areas that may need its help.


Based on the noble values we hold in our activities and complying with principles of humanity, we aim to drive towards the best standard in charitable and development activities.


1-Development of human societies need to work to improve the educational, health, social and economic conditions.

2-Contribute to aid communities affected by conflict and social calamities.

3-Fulfil the needs of orphans and improve their health, psychological and social situation.

4-Work on developing the local capacities in every society, and according to the existing local needs.

5-Work with all groups and sectors especially marginalized ones to develop their capabilities and ease their suffering.

6- Involving women and people with special needs in all programs and projects of the organization by at least 50%, and empowering women leaders to represent women and ensuring the achievement of human rights and peace in societies.



Charitable humanitarian non-governmental organization seeking to fulfill its mandate by contributing to the improvement of the conditions of the needy, within a comprehensive sustainable development and a healthy environment, flying from its principles, and keep pace with technological developments, aspiring towards leadership and excellence.