IYD Humanitarian Relief


About us


IYD is a Turkish non-governmental, non-profit organization with no political affiliation working in various sectors in the field of humanitarian relief, development, health and education.

Was established with the beginning of 2013 in Turkey, and thus became by the end of 2016 spread in different regions of Syria and Turkey. The TRA was registered in 2014 with a license number 34-203 / 022 which operates in accordance with Turkish Labor Code No. 5253 as: ULUSLARARASI INSANI YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEII It was also licensed in Iraq in early 2018. 



Science and work pioneers in the development of ways of life to draw a smile and planting hope


Providing the best services for the development of affected communities and meeting basic needs in accordance with international standards and within a distinct ethical methodology.


Ensuring a decent life for all war-affected people.
2. Rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged infrastructure.
3. Securing basic daily needs.
4. Raising and activating the capacities of the Syrian civil society.
5.Contribute to raising the educational level in the community.