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Bousla Development & Innovation

Syria - Turkey

About us

BouslaDI is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization established and registered in 2014 in Istanbul–Turkey. BouslaDI provides comprehensive programs to equip the next generation of Syrian individuals from both genders and institutions with the knowledge and the skills necessary to rebuild their communities because we believe that the strong, independent and progressive civil society which is working together, can change the world.

BouslaDI believes in justice, dignity, accountability, diversity and inclusion. Therefore, BouslaDI has helped small and medium-size organizations and individuals with their differences to be more productive, collaborative, and creative by empowering their teams and individuals. We have done this by creating and facilitating human-centred bespoke programs that combine quality and expertise, ensuring that personal, business and training goals are met with imagination, flair, professionalism, and great beneficiaries’ service.
Our Goals:
– Developing capabilities to reach an empowered and active society.
– Finding innovative sustainable solutions and policies that address local needs.
– Spreading the general culture that capable of building and developing institutions.
– Empowering and supporting civil society to have open spaces to amplifying their voices through innovating and incubate bold initiatives and investing in community capital.


Empowered and strengthen organizations, civic entities, and individuals, to be confident in their capacities, contributing to building their communities and reach civil society.


To inspire individuals and organizations through capacity development to contribute positively and effectively in confronting the challenges facing them in a conflict environment.


Capacity Development, Civil Development and Civic Engagement, Women & Youth Empowerment, Social Cohesion & Peace Building